Andrew Hart, Peter Mills and Will Giles are working in partnership as a firm of Solicitors and Notaries in Hong Kong.

With over 45 years of combined experience of practising in Hong Kong, Hart Giles is well positioned to offer strategic dispute resolution and business solutions at competitive cost to existing clients of our previous firms and prospective clients.

We are always pleased to meet you - without charge or commitment - to discuss any business opportunities. Plus, we do not have the rigid budgetary or time constraints of many larger firms in Hong Kong.

Additionally, if a particular engagement is not within our area of expertise, or has a foreign element which makes it difficult for us to assist you, we will be able recommend other professionals (whether lawyers or other practitioners) who can give you the most effective advice and representation at a competitive cost. If requested, our service also includes us remaining involved in the engagement, either as a reference point or to liaise with the third-party we recommend. In this regard, we are well placed to provide consultancy services to other firms of solicitors in Hong Kong and elsewhere on particular areas within the expertise of Hart Giles.

The principal expertise of Hart Giles is in dispute resolution (including mediation, arbitration and litigation) - covering banking, employment, commercial, corporate, insolvency, regulatory, sales of goods and trusts. We also provide company secretarial services as well as undertake certain criminal cases, family matters and personal injury claims, and we deal with construction disputes. We have the benefit of being able to provide the services of a notary public, accredited mediator and a civil celebrant of marriages in Hong Kong.

Our offices are conveniently located and are very close to the locations of the previous offices of both Andrew Hart and Will Giles. We have taken sufficient space at an appropriate cost to allow us to retain our economic advantage. But also to enable us to expand in a focused way with the recruitment of other partners and consultants who share our ideals - so as to increase the practice areas that we are able to offer to clients, but not to become so large that we lose sight of the original rationale for the foundation of Hart Giles.

Always remember Hart Giles for all your legal and business requirements. We are here to assist so that you can achieve your objectives in a focused and cost-effective way.

For further information please contact Andrew Hart, Peter Mills or Will Giles.